Dodge Charger 40th Anniversary Celebration

to be held at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum and the Chrysler Technical Center, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

June 10, 2006

Invitation from Roe Green,
CEMA Car Show Registrar

On behalf of CEMA (Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association), I am pleased to announce that the theme of our 2006 Car Show will be "A Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Dodge Charger."
The car show will be held at the Walter P Chrysler Museum which is located on the DaimlerChrysler Headquarters campus in Auburn Hills, MI. The show will be held on June 10.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

Please check our web site for more information about CEMA and our past car shows -


This is the planning center for those driving to Auburn Hills. The map will become more detailed as each participant indicates their willingness to join in on an specific route. Click here to view the map. Email your plans to join a specific route to: Caravan Planning

Latest News

From Roe Green
CEMA Internet Director / Car Show Registrar

ATTENTION EARLY BIRDS!!! The Holiday Inn Select in Auburn Hills is ready to begin accepting reservations! The room rate of $79.00 is valid from June 8 to June 10, 2006. We have a block of 25 rooms on Thursday, June 8 and blocks of 50 rooms on Friday and Saturday, June 9 and 10. If you are arriving before June 8, or staying after June 10, you will need to contact the Holiday Inn Select directly and make the reservations.

 The cut-off date for reservations at the Holiday Inn Select - Auburn Hills is May 18, 2006. Here is something to keep in mind . . . For the past two years, the Detroit Pistons (who play their home games in Auburn Hills) have been in the NBA playoffs and finals. These games bring many visitors to the area during the week of the CEMA Car Show. Please consider this when making your plans.

 The 2006 CEMA Car Show Page was updated to provide links to the hotel web site and reservation system.  I am working with two other hotels in the area but those contracts are not finalized at this time. The room rate at the two other hotels will be the same or slightly higher than the Holiday Inn Select.

 Also, a tentative day-of-show event schedule has been posted.

Now is the time to share your ideas about activities related to the 40th Anniversary celebration. Some of the ideas I've heard include:

 1. A cruise on Woodward Avenue (the venue for the incredible Woodward Dream Cruise - this year the date is August 20)

 2. A tour of Meadowbrook Hall (the mansion on the campus of Oakland University built by Matilda Dodge Wilson, the widow of John Dodge); check out the Internet site:

 3. How about a tour of the Chrysler Technology Center? OK, don't get your hopes up too high. Access to the complex is VERY, VERY tightly controlled. IF (a very big IF) we are able to arrange tours, participation would be EXTREMELY limited. If there is interest in tours of the complex, we will do our best to try to arrange something.

 4. A tour of the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, the home of the Dodge Viper. This is another big "IF" because of the tight security since 9/11. If there is interest, we will try!

 5. Milan Dragway. Some of the local First Generation Charger guys could help us in this area.

 6. An evening event at the Museum (maybe June 8 or June 9). Could be a cook-out followed by a cruise or ???

 If you have any ideas, please share them here. We would like to make this event one that will be talked about for years. Please contribute any reasonable suggestions.

Guest List

(we'll add your name if you say you're going!) Email us here!


Home Town


Email Address

David & Kay Walker Charlotte,NC Charlene - '66 Red 383 A/T
Topher Stanley,NC '67 4-speed Black
Wayne Paris Addison,IL '66 383 4-speed Citron/Gold
Thomas Connell Atlanta,GA '67 440
Richard Heath Canton,OH '67 Turquoise
Dan & Terri Patterson Perris,CA '66 383 A/T Black/Black
Terry & Marty Hoover Bloomsburg,PA Kermit - '66 Green 440 A/T
Marc Milosevich Royal Oak,MI '67 Original Owner
Jim in Norfolk Virginia Beach, VA '67 383
Ed & Elaine Howell Cannelton,IN '66 Black/Black/Black
James & wife Colorado '66 383 Black 4-spd
Ken & Lois Kulach Regina, SK '67 440
Ken Scobel Columbus,IN '66 383/auto RR1 yellow
Jim &Nancy Mihalek Lakeville,MN '66 383
Steve Toledo, OH '66 383 4-spd Red/Black
Jack Thompson Moreland,GA '67 Blue 383
Jay Sears
His dad's '67 Silver Hemi
Don Hayton
'66 black 383 4-spd
Dan McCormack Angola, NY Hemi of some sort..
Stuart Sharenow
'66 Red Hemi
Ken & Patty Croft Crown Point,IN '67 White 318
David Howell Akron, OH '66 383 4-spd
Ken & Pat Garrett Denver, NC '66 Hemi red/black A/T
Richard Heath Canton, OH
Richard DeLaurentis Lansing, IL '66 383 auto grey/black
Jerry Kohl Orchard Park, NY '66 modified 318 Wide Block Poly (402 cid)
Robert Kennedy Las Vegas, NV '66 Mauve
Bill Wetherholt Mantua, OH '66 Red 383 4-spd
Bren & Larry Johnson Kinder, LA '67 440/Auto/Black
Brian Keit Waterford, MI '67 “White Hat Special’ Red/black vinyl top
Phillip & Laura Braham Joliet, IL '67 Black
Gary & Carol Hembree Ferndale, MI '66 318 Poly - Maui Blue
Gordon Albrecht Huntington Beach, CA

Rick Ferrero Atlanta, GA

Dan & Jennifer Black Livermore,CA

Ragnar Iceland borrowing Dan's Hemi
Nick Werner Portland OR
Phil & Mimi Bjorklund Denver, CO '66 318 Red 3-spd
Shawn Boyle Chatham, ON '67 White Hat Special
Michael Joyce Allen, TX White '66 440/AT
Steve Logan Minneapolis, MN '67 318 blk vinyl
Ron & Elaine Delvaux Rochester, NY '67
Bob & Martha Christiano Liverpool, NY '67 Red 383 2bl.
Lloyd & Edith Gopsill Guelph, ON '66 Red 383 A/T
Eduardo Maurente
Montevideo, Uruguay
'67 383 Red 4-spd

John Garvan Edgerton, WI '68 Hemi R/T
Tom & Karen Ellin Orangeville, ON '67 Black 318 auto
Lester & Patricia Duncan Gladstone, MI '66 Blue 383 4-bbl
or the '66 Red 318 poly

Jim Sr. and J.R. Rose Jr. Long Beach, CA '66 Red/Black 440/Auto
Jeff Johnson Dearborn, MI '66 Red/Black 440
Mark Hackathorn central MA '66 383
Paul Folkes and sons Burlington, ON '67 318 2bbl auto
Pat & Blaine Shaw Mississauga, ON '66 Red 440 auto
Dave Lind and party! North Olmsted, OH '66 Yellow 318 auto

Hotels in the Area

Check "latest news" above to book the Holiday Inn Select, if you're not too late already!  Room for trailers!

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Roe Green
CEMA Webmaster
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